Scream For Me Is Open!

Take a deep breath because its time for Scream For Me! 30+ members of SL’s most talented designers have come together and each shop has at least 1 item 50% off. 4 buildings of gachas and a spattering of hunt items hiding around the sim in the form of a skull. Come see what dark, gothic and pre-halloween goodies we have waiting for you!

Your Ride:


Here’s a sneak peek of some of the goodies you can find:


!Head Desk! Blood Essentials Pack !Head Desk! Calypso Gacha [IK01]  SLink Nails Applier HUD - Dredge___SLMP__Prev__FB [IK01]  SLink Nails Applier HUD - EyeballSlime___SLMP__Prev [IK01]  SLink Nails Applier HUD - Zombeh___SLMP__Prev [IK01] NEW --Eyes-- VendorImage____Hatching01 [IK01] NEW --Eyes-- VendorImage____Vampire01 [IK01] NEW --Eyes-- VendorImage____Vampire02 [IK01] NEW --Eyes-- VendorImage____Zombie01 ~IO~ yourinnerdemonmirror FEMALE Grey ~IO~ yourinnerdemonmirror FEMALE REG ~IO~ yourinnerdemonmirror FEMALE Stone ~IO~ yourinnerdemonmirror MALE Reg ~IO~ yourinnerdemonmirror MALE Stone +Facepalm+ Death Dealer +Facepalm+ Jamie Gacha +Facepalm+ Nell +Facepalm+ Webbed


Bring Out Your Dead Is Open!

IH BOYD Poster Final

Time to Bring Out Your Dead…those bodies are getting funky! Bring Out Your Dead Gacha Fair is open and OMG there’s tons of amazing stuff there to choose from! We also have crypts of designers who have left us even more goodies to choose from around the edges. Here’s a preview of some of the items:

!Head Desk! Deadly Dreams +Facepalm+ BOYD Mens +Facepalm+ BOYD Womens boyd ad chemicalx 2 boyd ad chemicalx1 boyd ad ruckus boyd adDead Plant Gacha AD boyd adLEP ~ Dead Wedding Gacha AD boyd adLEP ~ Vintage Skull Garden Flag Gacha AD boyd adZombie Garden Gacha ADboyd ad{MOEKO} Maria Muerta Dress Gacha Adboyd ad{MOEKO} Skully Backpack Gacha Adboyd ad{MOEKO} Zombie Horde Slink Shoes Gacha Ad

BOYD Sponsor: The Little Bat

boydThe Little Bat Logo v2

Store Name: The Little Bat

How long has your store been open: 2011

Tell us a bit about your store: Since opening its doors in 2011, The Little Bat strives to create original, affordable goodies that caters to every alternative taste. From kawaii to creepy, to casually dark, to all out gothic. Be it mesh clothing, jewelry, Slink shoes, Slink nails & accessories, to horns, and there’s a little something for everyone – For the little bat in you!