Scream For Me Sponsor Bio: Get Frocked

Get Frocked Logo 2

Store Name: Get Frocked


How long has your store been open: Approx 3 years

Tell us a bit about your store:

I started out just playing around making things a few people said i should open a store so here it is, the name comes from my teenage son when i asked ‘i need a name for a frock shop’ to which he replied with ‘get frocked’ which is a perfect play on words. For those that dont know in the north of england a dress is often called a frock.

Initially started as a mainstream ladies clothing store but over the last 18 months expanded more into the gothic/victorian clothing with the 2nd floor of the main store dedicated to that style.

Its something i love doing and find it my escape route to design items that i hope many people will like and wear over and over and im always open to suggestions as to what people would like to see. Currently learning how to make my own meshes so keep your eyes open for those