Gothic Wastelands Designer Application

IH Gothic Wastelands


Gothic Hearts Designer Application

IH Gothic Hearts Fair

Welcome to Gothic Hearts Fair! Events will be every other month this year to give designers a chance to breathe between events.

􀀂You will be required to make at least 1 new exclusive for the event that you will price at 50% off your regular prices, other than that you can put anything else in the event as long as it is dark, goth or holiday. We are also asking that you provide a gift (can either be $0L or $1L, its up to you) for the event. This gift can be anything you choose but we do ask that it is an exclusive for the duration of the event.

Once the event is over feel free to do whatever you want with the exclusive. The exclusive can be a special edition of something, before you ask. There will be 3 tier that are open: Sponsor (10 spots available) will get 50 prims and a larger shop at a cost of $500L, Standard (15 spots available) will get 30 prims and a medium shop at a cost of $300L and Stall (10 available) will get 15 prims and a market stall at a cost of $150L. If you are a returning vendor from the last round you will receive a loyalty discount (Sponsors $400L, Standard $250L, Stall $100L).

Vendors also have the option of doing a dollarbie for the event. This is not mandatory but if you do choose to do this it will need to be an exclusive for the duration of the event. We will also be providing an area for gachas if desired. If you would like for us to provide the machine, the price will be $100L and will be yours to use as you wish once the event is over. If you choose to use your own gacha machine it will count against your prim usage.

If you are a marketplace only merchant, you are welcome to join in! We do not discriminate against stores that are new, old, marketplace only, in world only…you get the drift.

Theme: Your interpretation of gothic and dark… just let your imagination run wild.

Set Up: January 1st thru January 7th
Application Deadline: December 28th
Last Day For Fee Payment: December 31st
Event Opens: January 8th
Event Closes: January 25th
Cleanup: January 26th

Payments to be made to Taliah Darwin. If you pay your fee and she is offline, please send a notecard with transaction information.


* You or your representative will be required to be a member of Insanity Hunts for the duration of the event.

* You MUST rez the event sign in your store before the event.

* You will be expected to adhere to the timeline. Yes RL happens but please let us know if you are running behind.

* The items must be exclusive to the event that will be priced at 50% off. Once its over feel free to do with the items what you wish.

* We try to keep our events as drama-free as possible. If you do not like another designer that is in the event, don’t talk to them. We at Insanity Hunts will NOT tolerate drama. These events are hosted in order to help promote you as a designer and showcase your talent, not to play favorites. We want this to be FUN. The link to the spreadsheet for this is given not only to check your status but also to ensure that no favoritism is given. Insanity Hunt members always have and always will be given the first chance to get their applications. This is because we appreciate our designers who are with us and some of you have been with us since the beginning. This point is not open to discussion, debate, interpretation or negotiation.


The Dusty Library- Mystery Mansion Part 3

Aer showing off the Moeko exclusive

Aerlinniel's Wolftracks

Who let that annoying human enter my home? Visitors upon visitors today! How am I supposed to ever get my rest? Sitting here, minding my own business and that she-devil steps in off the balcony, letting out some otherworldly screech worse than a harpy could make. Naturally, I had to silence the silly thing , but the mess left behind, horrible, what would my other guests think? So, up to the attic she went. Nobody goes up there, anyway.


My Ma- Shari Cortes’s house
SLurl is top secret

Poses & Props-
Death Row Designs

Mystery mansion  c/m
The Arcade Opens Sept 1
Men Only Hunt6 – Farewell Summer Hunt!moh/czwb
Clothing & Accessories-
Morticia Cobweb Leggings – Dust RARE*
Zoe Zombie Dress – Black
Zoe Zombie Shoes – Black
Scream for Me Event
MOON // Hair //

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